Flooded Vehicle Ready To Be Scrapped?

Ever been driving in the rain and severely misjudged how deep the puddle is in front of you? Alternatively, have you had a calamity where your vehicle ended up submerged in a ditch, with water arriving close to your windshield? Whichever cause led you there, having a flooded car isn’t great, so what do you do if your engine got soaked, your ECU is wet? Often a flooded car to this extent will only give you more and more challenges… so why not let Scrap-Car-Price help to steer you through all that is necessary to scrap your car if its beyond economical repair or just not worth the hastle.

Scrap-Car-Price is here if you have a water-logged hatchback on your driveway that appears to be beyond repair. Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team today and they’ll help you find the best price for your car in no time. We offer a no-drama, friendly and professional service.

What are the consequences of a car being flooded?

Water has a knack of seeping into small cracks and crevices – just knock over a glass of it on your desk and you’ll get an idea of how much time it takes to dry up the mess. Unfortunately, as a car owner, you’ll want to try and keep your car’s internals away from getting wet, as that would be unfavorable.

  • ENGINE – Basically, submerging an engine in water isnt a good ideal but its even worse if water gets inside an engine/
  • RUBBER DOOR SEALS – Too much exposure to water can cause your door seals to degrade over time.
  • UPHOLSTRY / TRIM – If exposed to water long enough, your carpet and seats can become damaged.
  • ELECTRICS – Obviously, your electrical appliances won’t be happy if they get wet and a short-circuited circuit or fried wiring will almost certainly create problems for you at some point.
  • BRAKES – Water can have damaging effects on your brakes, leading to corroded pipes and reduced braking efficacy.
  • FUEL SYSTEMS – Your fuel system can be damaged due to water exposure, both in terms of the fuel lines and the pump.
  • SUSPENSION – If your suspension system has too much moisture it can lead to rust, thus forcing you to replace parts sooner than planned.
  • EXHAUST – If they become waterlogged, catalytic converters or silencers for exhaust systems can get easily damaged.

The amount of damage your car experienced from being flooded will depend on the level and duration of water exposure. Driving through a flood can potentially harm an engine, but leaving your car in a flooded parking lot is more likely to damage the interior. If you aren’t sure, it’s a good idea to have an expert inspect it and avoid driving if at all possible.

What are the effects of flood damage on an engine?

If you’ve underestimated the size of the puddle and flooded your engine, then you might have to pay hefty repair costs. Do not try to restart the engine as it may cause water to enter and severely damage the engine, and can even lead to hydrolocking. That should be avoided at all costs.

What does “hydrolocking” refer to?

In a nutshell, hydrolocking is when water gets pulled into the pistons. Due to water being impossible to compress, the metal must take the compression instead. In short, your originally perfect metal will be warped and distorted to the point of being unusable. The resulting damage is so serious it usually necessitates a replacement engine – which are pricey.

What is the best course of action if my car is flooded?

If you find your car in the middle of a lake after a downpour, the first step is to open all of the doors, trunk, and hood to allow it to dry out as much as possible. Make sure to remove the carpets as well and make sure any drainage points are clean. Check the door sills and undercarriage for these.

As previously mentioned, do not try to start the car and make sure your oil hasn’t been contaminated. Nonetheless, you should still check that the electrics are in working order. Make sure the fuse box is dry and there is no wiring under water, then switch the ignition on without starting the engine. You can use this method to examine the wipers, lights, and radio.

If the very unlikely event happens, where you come back to find that your car has been turned into an improvised yacht, forget about the first steps and go straight to your insurance company. The likelihood of the car not being totaled at that point is very low.

Find the best price for a flooded car with Scrap-Car-Price

Regardless of how severely your car has been affected by flooding or other damage, Scrap Car Comparison is here to streamline the process of ridding yourself of it as quickly and simply as possible. We specialise in getting the best price for your scrap and salvage vehicles and can have them picked up from you in just a few days. Contact our team today by calling 07472 875 605 or using our online form to find out how much your flooded car is worth.

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