Scrapping a Commercial Vehicle

At Scrap-Car-Price, we accept all sizes, styles, and types of vehicles so that we can deliver on our commitment to get you the best price with no hassle. Whether it be a commercial vehicle or a Ford Focus, the process of scrapping them is the same.

Is it a different process than scrapping a normal car?

It’s the same process regardless of what type of vehicle you have, such as a car, van, or pickup truck. All you need to do is enter your registration plate and location on our online quote form to get an accurate, human price quickly!

Can I scrap more than one commercial vehicles at the same time?

Scrap-Car-Price offers unparalleled commercial or fleet disposal services, whether you’re looking to scrap a single commercial vehicle or part ways with a number of unwanted vehicles. You will be given a dedicated collection manager and we’ll take care of any price negotiations on your behalf. We ensure a two business day turnaround period with payments made instantly when the collection is complete.

What do I need in order to scrap a commercial vehicle?

When using Scrap-Car-Price for a quote, you’ll be asked to input your car’s registration number and location. Based on those two pieces of information, we will be able to quote for removal.

It is especially important to be precise adding your vehicle registration, as that information influences what type of recovery equipment is necessary. Since no two collections are ever the same, it’s important to be accurate so that we can send the appropriate staff who have expertise in dealing with bigger vehicles.

Additionally, keep your V5C vehicle log book handy, since it needs to be correctly filled out once you’ve released the car.

Is it cash on collection for my commercial vehicle?

According to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act of 2013, it is not permissible to receive cash for scrap vehicles. Payment will be made on the day of your collection via either bank transfer.

Contact us today if you’re looking to scrap your commercial vehicle and find out how much your truck, minibus, or large van etc could be worth. Or, you can use our online enquiry form and get your best price, personally calculated by one of our amazing team, solving all of your problems quickly and easily.

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