Can anyone scrap my car?

Deciding to scrap a car is a final choice. Once you’ve decided to scrap a car and it’s recycled, there is no going back. What can you do if someone has taken your car and sent it to be scrapped without your knowledge? At Scrap-Car-Price we are help to help you out with all the information you need.

What could be the motivation for someone to take your car without permission?

Scrapping a car is an efficient way to discard a vehicle that you no longer need. When selling your car to a scrap dealer, you won’t have to worry about the specific interior details or your service history being examined, unlike when trying to find a buyer in a used car sale. Instead, all they’re looking for is an unwanted piece of metal that can be recycled and disposed of as desired.

Thus, scrapping a car is the quicker route. Working out the car’s value based on the scrap market rate, pay that amount and you’re done. This is the reason why car thieves used to resort to scrapping – it was easy money and, if paid in cash, could be untraceable.

This led to the introduction of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, putting a stop to deceiving activities done by untrustworthy scrap dealers. Various safety regulations were put into effect, and it became illegal to pay for scrap metal using cash.

Is it possible for someone to scrap your car without your consent?

These days, trying to scrap somebody’s car without consent will get you faced with a lot of difficulties and things that will stop you in your tracks. For example, cash payments are no longer accepted. According to the relevant authorities, scrap metal payments must be made using bank transfer or cheque for easy traceability.

In addition, people who sell scrap metal to merchants must present personal identification and a proof of address. Additionally, when selling a scrap car the V5 registration document will also be required. The registered ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility) retains all of these records for up to three years, which can help detect dishonest customers.

If the car seller has no V5 registration document or keys, a Hire Purchase Information (HPI) check must be done to ensure that the car isn’t stolen, hasn’t been written off, or doesn’t have any unpaid loan agreements. This check will come with a fee.

Measures to guarantee that your car is not scrapped without your consent.

Here at Scrap-Car-Price, we strive to apply the best practices when scrapping cars. Our buyers only do business with certified ATFs, guaranteeing all transactions are legitimate. Apart from that, we have also implemented other measures to ensure that sales are done correctly.

Initially, customers will have to verbally confirm that they have the legal right to make this decision. We record our terms and conditions as part of our calling process, providing evidence that customers have agreed to them. Additionally, a sale and collection cannot take place without the V5 registration document, forms of identification, and the vehicle’s keys.

If you’re collecting on behalf of a third party, you’ll need all the above in addition to a written authorization from the V5’s registered keeper.

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Don’t worry about someone trying to swindle you by scrapping your car without your knowledge, the chances are almost non-existent. If you want to be sure it won’t happen, why not do it yourself first? Scrap-Car-price uses its own team to travel across the UK, so you’re always close to getting a great deal. 

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